Functional Medicine-Nutritional Blood Analysis

ARE YOU TIRED OF FEELING SICK AND TIRED? HAVE YOU BEEN TOLD: "THERE IS NOTHING WRONG" or "YOUR LAB TESTS ARE NORMAL"? We offer PERSONALIZED, CUSTOMIZED, COMPUTERIZED, NUTRITIONAL BLOOD ANALYSIS with specific, prescribed nutritional supplementation for YOUR SPECIFIC OPTIMAL BODY CHEMISTRY. Patient questionnaires are also utilized to get a full picture of your health status. We take all of this information and recommend a nutritional program with supplementation to align your body chemistry not just to "laboratory normal" but OPTIMALLY NORMAL! YOU WILL FEEL GREAT! We have associated with, and continue to associate with, the finest nutrition and supplement companies in the country. These companies carry the most purest and assayed supplements that are KNOWN TO WORK CLINICALLY! We have worked with each of these companies for years, and have obtained PHENOMENAL RESULTS! To obtain information about the particular supplement companies we utilize and their products, or to place an order, please click on "LINKS" under the "RESOURCES" tab, and then click on the link of the particular supplement company to establish an account for ordering.

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